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May 21, 2012


" Spawned in the magma pits of Inferno, Korath uses his massive body and fiery core to eliminate enemies. "
Moloch's favourite pet had gone on a rampage in search of Putty. And the most exclusive champion to date and was only accessible in the Monster Madness event. Equipped with 3 stunning abilities not found in any other champion and with a touch of awesome stats. With Fists of Doom which gives splash damage, burn which dealing damage overtime and Breath of Fire that enables Korath users to attack air with Korath.

The first champion to be released via an event(Monster Madness). Which had a certain amount of EP's you had to collect via taking-over outposts to get Korath and the rest of his abilities. Also, the amount of hp and the amount of damage it can give to an enemy is very powerful. It's basically so awesome that it renders Gorgo and Drull almost useless. But great power comes with great responsibility, It's the only champion that you have to feed with inferno monsters which will cost you magma. And basically it costs a hell lot more to maintain Korath if you want him in his most powerful state (level 6.3). Korath is also the hardest champion to bait (especially if you unlocked all his abilities).

Time for that Stats

Level123456Bonus 1Bonus 2
Bonus 3
Breath of Fire DamageN/AN/AN/A95012501625170017751875
Special AbilityBurn
-Breath of Fire
-Fists of Doom
Heal Rate (HP per 5 sec)433833201210987
Time to Heal
from 0 hp
16m24m57m1h 45m3h 30m7h 42m7h 51m8h 13m8h 34m

And Also Feeding Stats

LevelFoodFeeds needed
220 40px-Spurtz.pngSpurtz
10 40px-Zagnoid.pngZagnoid
10 40px-Zagnoid.pngZagnoid
510 40px-Sabnox.pngSabnox12
640px-King Wormzer.pngKing Wormzer15
Bonus40px-King Wormzer.pngKing WormzerInfinite

Now More On Korath's Abilities

The only ability that you don't need to unlock in the event and useable by your Korath even at level 1. Very similar to Fang's Venom which is very useful in baiting Champions because you can just send in Korath in an attack and retreat it after it first strike to the enemy champion then make Korath retreat but don't end the attack instead wait till the enemy champion gets it's health drained by the Burn Ability. You can tell if it's working if there's a flame sign above a monster/champion. Burn doesn't stack but we are unsure weather Burn and Fang's venom stacks.

Breath Of Fire
You unlock it by continuing the Monster Madness event till you get 200% completion of the event. Breath of Fire lets Korath attack flying monsters (shoots fireballs to them). But take note, You have to raise Korath to level 4 before you can use your unlocked ability. Due note that aerial attacks are only 25% the amount of damage that Korath gives in his normal attack. For example, If your Korath gives a damage of 1000 then it's damage to flying monsters will be 25% of that which is 250.

Fists of Doom
You unlock it by continuing the Monster Madness event till you get 300% completion of the event. Lets your Korath do mini earthquakes or shock waves surging through the ground making it's attack surging through multiple directions at once. But the fist of doom ability only activities every 4th attack (so attack, attack, attack, FoD then attack, attack, attack and FoD again). It only activates if you have a level 5 Korath and up. The splash damage you give is equal to the same amount on what the normal damage is. So basically if your Korath gives a 1000 damage then when it does the ability then it will give a shockwave of 1000 damage throughout multiple targets. It's Fist of Doom also loots making Korath an efficient looter. It also disables booby traps making a lot of SDT's and ODT's a lot less useful.

Video Demonstration

Korath is definitely a must have champion but it was only unlockable through the Monster Madness event. If you have it then kudos to you but for the ones who don't have Korath. Don't get all sad since Kixeye confirmed that the Monster Madness event won't be the last time that Korath will be unlockable to players. The next time you get a chance to grab Korath is still unknown but they will release Korath again not sure on the abilities though. The cons for Korath which has high maintenance cost for feeding is a mild complaint to what you really get which is an awesome super powerful monster.

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