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Jun 9, 2012

How to Get Korath

Korath the Inferno Champion. The First Champion and Monster that can only be unlocked via an event. In particular the Monster Madness Event. I'm here to write this post for the thousands if not millions of Backyard Monsters Players who didn't had a chance to get Korath.
Korath is one of the most powerful Champions in Backyard Monsters. It has 3 abilities with amazing attack and hp numbers. It's a force to be reckoned with. That's why it's only unlockable in the Monster Madness event. 

Kixeye officially said that Korath will be released to the public but no day was specified and no confirmation whether or not they will even release it's abilities. But don't lose hope Kixeye will stick to it's promise on releasing Korath. 

UPDATE: Monster Madness 2 Info Post

Whether or not you get to have it's abilities primarily burn, fist of doom and Breath of fire. It will still be something to be looking forward about. Also, Kixeye only did the Monster Madness event on facebook, not in Kongregate and not in all Viximo hosted Backyard Monster s games (e.g. Google+, Yahoo, Hi5, and other social networks). The chances of Korath being released with the monster Madness event is slim but the release of Korath will unevitable on Kongregate although we shouldn't expect an event or the release of it anytime soon.

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