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Sep 28, 2012

Updated Map Room 3 - All Changes With Details

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So I summed all the possible changes for MR3 yesterday. But just today, V2 released new information from a thread which posted the last post I made. And for the sake of spreading correct information. I'll be summing up everything again, including the new information. Here's a pic on David's response a few days ago when I asked him about MR3.

So What Are We Waiting For?

-Monsters will be healed and will not die.
-There will be no more Take-Over Costs but there will be Battle Initiation Cost when attacking outside flinger range.
-MR3 will be full screen and a little bit faster.
-Not all Outposts will produce resources.
-There will be 3 types of Outposts. Stronholds, Resource Outposts and Defender Cells
-Outposts that produce Resources will be called Resource Outposts.
-Outposts that increases your defenses will be called Strongholds.
-There will be defender cells which surrounds your Main Yard and outposts like Strongholds and Resource Producing Outposts for defense bonuses.
-Capturing the hexes around your outposts will give a defense bonus.
-Players in MR1 will be automatically moved to MR3.
-Players in MR2 will be able to opt-out. (They can decide not to leave MR2)
-It will be a one way trip. You can't go back to MR2 if you already moved to MR3.
-You can attack any part of the map. (Assuming you can afford the Battle Initiation Cost)
-There will a cap on how many outposts you can capture. (It will be high)
-MR3 will be a free upgrade.
-Housing Storage will be adjusted upon released of MR3

Housing Storage

KIXEYE will no longer be planning on adding more housing storage per outpost you take-over. Here's V2's explanation(quoted):
With Persistent Monsters that heal after battle, increasing Housing based on Outposts could get tricky. If an Outpost was taken by another player, which Monsters in the Housing would the game remove?
But Don't worry because....
However, in the New World Map Players will be able to have significantly more Monsters in their Main Yards than they currently have in MR1 & MR2.
So that explains the Housing Storage change.

UPDATE: Monster Housings will now be upgrade-able to level 10.

Nerfed and will only hold half of the original amount before the update. Bunker space and housing space will also be combined.

Defender Cells
They are the cells that surrounds mainyards, strongholds and resource producers.
We assume that Defender cells will give defense bonus to the outposts or mainyard they are beside with or surrounding. Defender Cells have an outpost defender on them. Here's a pick of an Outpost Defender. More details here.

Battle Initiation Cost
Since you're able to attack anywhere in the map and will not pay to take-over something. You must pay resources before you attack a base. And this payment is called the Battle Initiation Cost. You will only pay B.I.C if the cell or hex you will be attacking is outside your flinger range. 


There will now have a limit on how many monsters you can fling in a single attack. You can also upgrade your Flinger to level 5.

MR3 Look And Feel
It will look, A lot like this. Here's the full analysis in this post for the overall look of the map. It looks pretty much like the War Commander map. The blue range is the flinger range which will allow you to attack targets for free.
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The Outpost Limit
The outpost limit for MR3 is still unknown. But I'm pretty sure it won't be as high as 3,500 like the MR2 outpost limit. 
UPDATE: There is no limit in the outpost you can own.

The Stronghold
It's just an awesome building that reflects the graphics on that thing. It looks like this. A more in-depth about the stronghold building in here. The Stronghold building present in outposts are also called Strongholds. Strongholds give defense bonus to hexes you own that is within its range.

Resource Producers
This will be in the resource producing outpost. Here's a separate post about it here. It basically produces all resources. And unlike in MR2. This is the only building that will produce resources other than MY resource gatherers. Here's an image of it.
Long post but worth it. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask on our fb page or on the comments below. I'll update the outpost if I find more things worth mentioning. And as always, Nothing is set in stone so expect some more changes when MR3 arrives since KIXEYE likes making last second changes. All old post about MR3 changes will redirect here in this post. 
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