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Jun 3, 2013

Backyard Monsters: Unleashed - BYM Mobile App

More than a year ago, I made a post about Backyard Monsters going to mobile here in the BYM blog. It has finally been released although not in the current state of the facebook version of the game. Right now, Backyard Monsters: Unleashed is available for iOS devices and has been optimized for the iPad and iPhone. 

Mar 29, 2013

Attacking Moloch Bases - Aerial Takedown

This is the BYM Blog's guide to attacking Moloch bases in the Hell-Raisers Event! We will be tackling level 40, 45, 50 and 55 bases in this guide. This guide will focus more on the use of flying monsters since Moloch bases don't have ADTs and by using aerial monsters we can avoid splash damage from King Wormzers. 

Mar 24, 2013

Hell-Raisers Event Pushed Back!

The Hell-Raisers event got pushed back due to balance issues in the event said David Scott himself in a forum post. 
"Sorry about this guys, we're not happy with the balance of the event and we want this one to be the best one in BYM history. For that reason we're pushing the start back a few days to give us more time to play with it to make it the smoothest and most fun event possible. 
Thanks for you support."

Feb 24, 2013

Is Backyard Monsters Dead?

Credits to the owner of this image.

As backyard monsters gets booted from being an official or being a flagship KIXEYE title. There had been many questions on what the future of bym holds. Bym is no longer shown in the kixeye website as an official supported game this leads us to believe that the faith will be the same as desktop defender(an older title made by casualcollective/kixeye a long time ago) . 

Jan 29, 2013

BYM Says Goodbye to Kongregate

One of the most played games on Kongregate, Backyard Monsters will now say goodbye says KIXEYE. The Kong version of BYM has been the last non-facebook version of BYM since the mass removal of Backyard Monsters from other websites like google + last July 2012 (post here). BYM for Kong will be leaving the site on February 18, 2013. 

Jan 13, 2013

Rezghul - The New Monster [Rumors]

Credits to the BYM Wiki
Rhezghul the upcoming new monster of Backyard Monsters. And this is a post about Rezghul as promised. Expected to debut as a prize of the upcoming event, Hell-Raisers. Our post about Hell-Raisers is here and I recommend reading it first. Along with Rezghul, you will also be able to unlock old event prizes like spurtz cannons, Korath and etc. It will be a ground monster and will be a range type monster like Dave and Sabnox or at least that's what the leaks tells us. 

BYM Update 2012-1-10 Relocation is Back!

Relocation is back! But apparently most of the worlds are already full so don't get your hopes up using the move to a friend feature. You might as well try the move to a random world feature which will surely work. The complete list for bug fixes are here. The main thread is here.