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Jun 22, 2012

BYM Update 2012-06-22 Town Hall level 10, New Tower Levels and More Blocks!

Awesome Update for today. We now get to unlock the new townhall with all its awesomeness. After 2 weeks of Krallen and some other updates. We finally get this. But there will be massive game balancing on attacking vs defense.

The Update:
You can now build more:
Blocks - 400 total
Booby Traps - 75 total
Heavy Traps - 18 total

You can now upgrade:
Tesla Tower - Level 8
Laser Tower - Level 8
Aerial Defense Tower - Level 8
Railgun Tower - Level 8
Monster Bunker - Level 5

Rapping Up
The upgrade from level 9 to 10 will cost you 25 million twigs and pebbles and 14 days. It will also make Defense overpowered much more but we should expect some monster updates in the following weeks to balance this update.
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