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Jul 8, 2012

Starter Kit Information - What's the Best Starter Kit?

Today we will be discussing about outpost kits and what the best starter kit is. This post is perfect for Empire Builders accross the BYM Universe. We put every outpost kit to the test and figure out which one is the most superior. We will judge in cost, empire points and the resources you get. A detailed report on starter kits is heading your way. Let us get started then. 

First the Regular Kit
Some of new might just say eww but what if I told you this is the best kit for mass producing resources. When I say mass producing resources, I mean an insane amount.

So what do we know about the regular kit? Well, we know it's the cheapest but the weakest. It has 3,222,315 EP. And it can produce 107,416 resources/hour. It takes 12 days to get back the total resources you spent to build it.

The Mega Kit
You know that golden starter kit. It has 14,937,322 EP and can produce 107,416 resources/hour. Takes 50 days to get back the total resources you spent to build the mega kit.

The Ultra Kit
The most expensive starter kit with black diamond walls, fortifications and with exceptional outpost design. You get 41,526,414 EP for building it. You get  214,832 resources/hour. And you need 100 days to receive back the total resources cost to build it.

So What's the Best Starter Kit?
The EP per resource are
    Regular kit - 0.1074 EP/resource
    Mega kit - 0.1195 EP/resource
    Ultra kit - 0.0761 EP/resource

After looking at the data. It's obvious that the winner is the Mega Kit. If you have limited resources and you want to use your resources wisely then you should use them on Mega Kits. They're better than Ultra kits to build and gives more bang for your buck. And the second kit award goes to the Regular Kit. It's better than the Ultra kit for a lot of reasons. It's cheap and it's something that you can easily receive the resources you spent on back immediately. Although you would be having problems in mass producing them though. And last, the Ultra kit. A lot of people will actually prefer ultra kits but they're far from the truth. If you have scarce resource then don't waste your resources in Ultra kits.

This info is only good if you're building the starter kits and this doesn't count if your just gonna steal them from your enemy then in that case take the Ultra Kits. All data are based on hexes with 0 height. Almost all of the info here are accurate.
Frutaa and Phire Nuker

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