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Jul 6, 2012

BYM Update 2012-07-06 8 D.A.V.E. Club, D.A.V.E. Club Everywhere And Game Freezes

The D.A.V.E. Club has finally been released to the everyone. Everyone now has that read DAVE tab below their resource counters. Plenty of things to talk about this update. Also those who got attacked by the hacker in Rich Server has received some compensation although not as what expected though. Lets get started. Shall we?

+8 Save Slots on the Yard Planner
If you have avail the DAVE Club membership then you should be pleased to know that you get 8 more slots for saving base designs. You now have a total of 10 Save Slots.

Players are in Rage
After the update their has been reports that the game freezes in attacking most of the time while other experience it some players don't get game freezing. Lag is still a factor though.

Just another BYM update that will make some happy and others mad.
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